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Re: New speakup-udeb component

On Wednesday 28 May 2008, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> I thought about putting the scripts (attached to this mail) in a
> separate speakup-udeb package because it makes the integration to
> the debian installer extremely simple: just add speakup-deb to
> installer/build/pkg-list/something/somearchs.cfg and voilà.  The idea
> was also that in case we needed to change anything, we just had to
> upload a new speakup source package.

OK. Given your replies it looks like including it in existing udebs is the 
better way to go. Based on that I've asked FTP-masters to reject your 
upload, which clears the way for a new upload without the udeb (if you 
want, you can use the same version).

I'll look at the scripts in detail tomorrow and we can discuss details then.

Thanks for the quick response.


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