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Re: Firefox 3 in Debian

>>>>> "JW" == Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> writes:

    JW> 2. To compile it from source. Has anyone on this list done this
    JW> with Debian Sid, and with accessibility enabled? The main issue
    JW> would be to get the build dependencies installed first.

I routinely do this.  Nice thing about Firefox is that you can run it
immediately either from the build directory or an arbitrary directory
you unpack the built tarball to.  So there is no need to install it into
standard directory hierarchy and/or to make Debian packages just for
that purpose.

As for build dependencies, you can start with Firefox 2 (Iceweasel)
build dependencies.  If anything additional is needed for Firefox 3, its
build scripts will tell you.

As building Firefox 3 for the first time is not a very easy thing, you
may prefer

    JW> 1. To wait for the Debian packages.

If you were desperate and wanted

    JW> 4. To find an x86_64 version somewhere

I can compile the current snapshot and put it somewhere.  But you'd
still have to resolve run-time dependencies.


Milan Zamazal

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