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Re: gnome-orca in unstable

On 4/27/07, Mario Lang <mlang@tugraz.at> wrote:

I've just been trying the new gnome-orca 2.18.1 from unstable,
and it works great!  This is the first version of orca on Debian
that I've managed to get working flawlessly without any hickups.

Great! We want more tests from user sides! Thanks to you and Loic
Minier of pkg-gnome for supporting me during this time.

Working with standard GNOME applications seems pretty nice,
even a bit of firefox does work (although not really comfortably).

Does anyone know what exactly needs to be done to get openoffice.org to work?
AIUI, we'd need the java-access-bridge from GNOME.  Anyone working
on this?

Sometime did ITP for java-access-bridge long time ago. I will followup
on this and do required (Taking over ITP ;))

Mario Lang

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