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Re: gnome-orca in unstable

On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at 09:56:41PM EST, Mario Lang wrote:
> Hi.
> I've just been trying the new gnome-orca 2.18.1 from unstable,
> and it works great!  This is the first version of orca on Debian
> that I've managed to get working flawlessly without any hickups.
> Working with standard GNOME applications seems pretty nice,
> even a bit of firefox does work (although not really comfortably).

You'll find that barring a few refresh/flat review hickups, 
gnome-terminal works brilliantly. I am starting to use it instead of the 
console/speakup. Once the refresh issues are fixed, it will be ready for 
me to switch to full time i think.

> Does anyone know what exactly needs to be done to get openoffice.org to work?
> AIUI, we'd need the java-access-bridge from GNOME.  Anyone working
> on this?

Recent versions of OpenOffice 2.0 work with the standard GTK 
accessibility libs/atk. It works in Ubuntu, but I don't know what Debian 
do to their openoffice package, so its just trial and error at this 
point I would guess.
Luke Yelavich
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