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Re: CORBA strangeness? Was: Re: problems with gnome speech

Hoppa Mario and all readers,

on Thursday, February 15, 2007 at 4:37:15 PM means Mario Lang:
> Yes, thanks for providing this backtrace.  Meanwhile, I
> seem to be hitting the same (or some related) issue
> on some machines here myself.  I am pretty concerned about
> this, since it seems extremely hard to track, at least
> for someone with barely any CORBA knowledge.  From what
> I can see, the real problem is hidden in the backtrace
> because the CORBA calling-chain is involved.

I tell you about my problems by running orca on the debian etch amd
64 for a fiew weeks.

I install a 32 bit chroot on my 64 bit system. I try the test-speech
aplication of gnome-speech and all works fine. I can also run the orca
setup and there are no crashes of the speech.

What can I do to use gnome-speech on my amd 64 machine? Is there a
possibilitie to help by debugging?
Best regards Sebastian 
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E-Mail: sebo@blinzeln.de / Web: www.blindzeln.de

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