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[OT]: there are problems with the CBLX and BLXF lists

Hi all,

Please appology, this is an *urgent emergency OT message* addressed to 
all French and Dutch members of the Carrefour Blinux and Blinux Forum
+ Oralux list members, all hosted at lists.freearchive.org:

there are currently severe problems with these mailinglists due to a 
"disk full"-problem.

If you read this, please consider having a little patience, I have asked 
to the AEL.be President (who's our sponsor) to help resolving the 
problem asap, or to migrate all the lists I administrate yet to another 
server. I don't know what Gilles Casse from the Oralux list is going to 
do, but be sure we're doing our best and work on a solution.

Of course we will keep you informed as soon as we have again access to 
the members' address database, maybe without having to post something 

Thanks very much for your patience.
Thanks to all other list mods/admins.

Osvaldo La Rosa - co-admin CBLX (FR) and BLXF (NL)

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