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Re: Debian-Installer with BRLTTY (USB) test report


Simon Bienlein, le Mon 12 Feb 2007 12:06:22 +0100, a écrit :
> The shortcut for the preference menu is correct. Can one find this
> information in the online documentation for BRLTTY as well? If so, one
> could refer to this before using BRLTTY.
> It would be great if one could find the help integrated into BRLTTY on
> the website as well. After all,
> how is a beginner supposed to read the help when he does not know the
> shortcut for accessing his Braille display?

I would like to highlight that point too :)

I've installed a linux on a friend's computer, and wasn't able to
explain him how he was supposed to use the braille device (a pm-el_40s),
since I didn't even know how to activate the help menu or learn mode.

Setting braille preferences (6 points for instance) was hence tricky: I
had to run brltty with the XWindow driver, set preferences there, save,
and copy the file to brltty-pm.prefs.  Not particularly handy :)


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