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Re: Festival and OSS/ALSA

2006/12/22, Milan Zamazal <pdm@freebsoft.org>:
>>>>> "jrf" == juan rafael fernández <jrfern@gmail.com> writes:

    jrf> iso8859-1 input doesn't work (it stops at the accents and
    jrf> starts spelling). UTF-8 input works. And I don't find a way to
    jrf> state the encoding of a text. Is it a feature or a bug?

Input to what exactly?

I mean (in 8859-1 xterm)

            cat text_iso8859_1.txt | spd-say -l es -e

compared to (in an utf-8 environment)

            cat text_utf8.txt | spd-say -l es -e

The fist example stops at words like "función" "pánico", etc.

I think I've seen some utf-8 to latin1 conversion function somewhere
in the code. Can that have something to do?
Juan Rafael Fernández

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