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Re: [BRLTTY] brltty deb update give still a eternal still unresolved problem


Mario Lang, le Tue 19 Dec 2006 13:29:25 +0100, a écrit :
> Jan and Bertil Smark Nilsson <jbsn@aapt.net.au> writes:
> > On Mon, 18 Dec 2006, Mario Lang wrote:
> >
> >> The one thing I can think of is that you probably
> >> once started brltty not with the init.d script but
> >> directly.  If you just run "brltty" to start brltty, it
> >> will not create the /var/run/brltty.pid file, and
> >> "/etc/init.d/brltty start" will not recognize that brltty
> >> is already running.  Aldo, could this be the problem?
> >>
> >> If so, we should probably look at some kind of device locking
> >> mechanism for brltty, so that it doesnt murder itself if
> >> started twice.  I know the effect as well, what happens
> >> is that two daemons are accessing the same device, and producing garbage...
> >>
> >> BRLTTY should really not disable itself.
> >>
> > Am I missing something here? In my Etch installation brltty is started
> > in grub.
> I can imagine how one would start b rltty in the initramfs image,
> but I never saw anyone start brltty in grub.  What configuration
> did you do on your system that makes you believe brltty
> is started in grub?

I think he is referring to the fact that currently, when one runs the
debian installer with

install brltty=xy,ttyS0,lang

The brltty=xy,ttyS0,lang parameter is recorded in the kopt parameter of
grub.  I asked you in a previous mail if you agreed that this shouldn't


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