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Re: [BRLTTY] brltty deb update give still a eternal still unresolved problem


On Mon, 18 Dec 2006, Mario Lang wrote:

The one thing I can think of is that you probably
once started brltty not with the init.d script but
directly.  If you just run "brltty" to start brltty, it
will not create the /var/run/brltty.pid file, and
"/etc/init.d/brltty start" will not recognize that brltty
is already running.  Aldo, could this be the problem?

If so, we should probably look at some kind of device locking
mechanism for brltty, so that it doesnt murder itself if
started twice.  I know the effect as well, what happens
is that two daemons are accessing the same device, and producing garbage...

BRLTTY should really not disable itself.

Am I missing something here? In my Etch installation brltty is started in grub.


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