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Re: gnome-orca

Kartik Mistry <kartik.mistry@gmail.com> writes:

>> Since Etch is frozen now, I'd suggest uploading to 'experimental' in the
>> meantime.  Except you want to convince the release team that a NEW
>> package should slip into Etch after the freeze.
> I think it is impossible that gnome-orca will make it for etch. We
> shouldn't push it as it will be to much new for Stable.

I completely agree.

> I will upload it to unstable when it is ready (probably this
> weekend..)
Oh, a crhistmas gift, how very nice of you! :-).

To avoid confusion, I'd rather recommend uploading to experimental for now.
At least, that is what the release team recommends, if I read their recent
announcement correctly.

>> P.S.: Are you a DD?  If not, do you need package sponsoring?
> I am not DD (yet!) :)

If you need someone for package sponsoring, just let me know, I can
handle the uploading for you.

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