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Re: Etch rc1: BRLTTY is not installed

Hi Samuel,

> Ok, now I managed to reproduce the issue.  The problem seems to
> merely be that the CD is ejected before the installer could install
> brltty.deb... from the CD!

I figured this, too. But I did not think of renaming the script. By the
way, the problem also appeared when using a network mirror.

> A fixup is to run
> cd /usr/lib/finish-install.d/
> mv 50brltty 05brltty
> during the installation, so that brltty gets installed before the CD
> is ejected.  Could you please check that this works for you too?

This worked for me, too. I did not use a network mirror for the
installation. Probably, it would work also when using one. I don't mind
trying this out as soon as the problem in the daily built images is

> Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations, this should be fixable
> now! (I reported it as bug #400538)

Hey, no problem. I am glad when the problem can be fixed :-)


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