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Re: Need your comments was: Packackages.d.o - New Download Table on Package Pages

Am Montag, 07.02.05 um 14:47 Uhr schrieb Kenny Hitt:

I believe emacspeak users might have a browser
that supports CSS, but I'm not an emacs user.

If a browser supports CSS, that may make things more difficult as I am inserting text hidden in CSS browsers and seen in Lynx.

  At least for now, the
most accessible page is one that works well in lynx.

In general that is right. But when I tried the Oralyx live-CD with Yasr I got the impression, that it is really not the same seeing the page in Lynx with my own eyes or having it read.

Okay, Yasr did not work right well for me and left out pages and stopped reading somethimes. I'll try Emacs next time.

Thank you for your hint with mozilla. I'll have an eye on it.




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