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Re: Need your comments was: Packackages.d.o - New Download Table on Package Pages

Hi Gilles!

A link to skip navigation can be helpful to fastly jump to the content.
Using CSS, this link could be invisible for the sighted users.

I have inserted one and the pages are built new. They may be ready in a few hours.

You may want to replace the image for each menu item by raw text and CSS,
because for example web browsers are not capable to zoom in the image.

That is still a todo. There is one problem to solve: The buttons in the menu have round corners, which cannot be built that easy with CSS 2. CSS 3 will have round corners.

Three things make up the look and feel of the pages to recognize them as Debian pages:

- The Debian Logo
- The Image with the writing "Debian"
- The red navigation bar with its blue buttons.

I will have to have a really good idea for that, to have it accepted by all people, especially those responsisibe for the pages.

For now I am working on the remaining tables in layout and other accessibility related things on packages.debian.org and www.debian.org.




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