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Re: Need your comments was: Packackages.d.o - New Download Table on Package Pages

Kenny Hitt writes:
 > Elinks is finally adding CSS
 > support, but it's rendering of tables makes it confusing for screen
 > readers with speech.

Just turn table formatting offInser the line
set document.html.display_tables = 0
into /etc/elinks/elinks.conf Elinks is potentially interesting in that
support for Ecmascript/Javascript is under development.
 >  I believe emacspeak users might have a browser
 > that supports CSS, but I'm not an emacs user.

Emacs/W3 has CSS support. It is also one of the few implementations of
aural CSS, whereby CSS properties are used to control the manner in
which elements of the document are spoken, with different voice
characteristics and auditory icons. See T. V. Raman's papers on the
subject for details.

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