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Packackages.d.o - New Download Table on Package Pages


I crossposted this to debian-accessibility as I especially want comments from there.

As the current download table looks really ugly in lynx, I have made an attempt to increase accessibility by changing the table. The order is now that all information about one architecture is in one table row instead of a column. In addition the form was removed and replaced by a download link. The links will _not_ work on that server as the cgi is not there, so please be not surprised.

I want you to view the page with any browser and, maybe, with screen reader or braille.

Here is the URL of the ACPI package page. But you may visit any other page there in stable:

http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian/packages.debian.org/stable/admin/ apcd.html

For those using a graphical browser: The background colour of the table is taken from the menu color on the main page of debian.org.

For those using screen readers: I am not sure, if css is supported when using them. There are lots of css features for blind people. But I still do not know, who can test the Debian pages, if we implement such features.

Please comment to the lists or to me private, whatever you want.




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