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accessibility disk location

Does anyone have the current locatioon for the accessibility disk and the daily build? I'm thinking about doing a reinstall of debian. The current install wasfrom the speakup sarge disk and the network. After having edited /etc/apt/sources.list I got more than stable in the search locations. alsa wasn't able to set up a driver for the es1371 card and until tonight I couldn't access my cd burner which is a goldstar. The goldstar driver it turns out may work fine so long as your jumpers are set to 0x340 but mine was set to 0x1f0. I managed to get the goldstar disk recognized by cdrecord by putting sg and ide-scsi iin /etc/modules, they don't work wherever modconf puts them. To clarify on alsa, the es1371 module loads fine, it's just alsa can't load snd-??? so alsaconf wasn't able to configure the card correctly.

Other than that, everything else appears functional.

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