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Re: Shells and Syntax Again

Veli-Pekka Tatila writes:
 > Mario Lang wrote:
 > > No, Linux is for people who know what they are doing :-).
Yes, exactly.
 > > rm some file, I *want* it gone, immediately.
 > > Everything else would be highly anoying,
 > Perhaps this is a matter of taste and or skill but I still don't think some 
 > kind of an undo mechanism should be bad.

You can always put
alias rm="rm -i"
in your .bash_profile file or wherever you want it. If you then say
"yes" when prompted whether to delete a file, and you really intended
to keep it then you deserve to lose it. Also, keeping backup copies of
everything that can't easily be replaced from other sources is always

Some file systems are designed in such a way that creating an undo
mechanism would not be possible. Xfs, which I use on my desktop Debian
system, is one example, according to the developers.

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