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Re: Getting 320x200 in X, Installing Gnome with apt-get

Hi.  The command 
apt-get install gnome

works on my unstable box.  Gnome 2.6 is the version in unstable.  I
believe it is also now the version in testing also.  If you want to
continue running stable, you should checkout the apt-howto package.  It
explains how to get packages from testing or unstable while running
mostly stable packages.
I don't find unstable to be all that unstable.  You can have problems,
but their usually not to bad.  The only problems I experience currently
are things like clicking on links in evolution doesn't launch the
browser.  Sometime during the last few months, changes caused the
Mozilla and logout buttons to disappear from user's panels.  They had no
problem adding them back.
Btw, I'm totally blind, so I can't use Mozilla or Evolution.  These
problems effect my sighted friends who use my system, but don't bother
me.  I only knew about them because it's my computer so I'm the tech
support for all users.

Hope this helps.

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