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Re: New Member Intro, Installation Help

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, Veli-Pekka Tatila wrote:
 > Speaking of other accessible software, I'd like to have an IRC-client that
 > does not require switching to it to be able to read messages. Maybe this is
 > a strange idea but I'd find a deamon style IRc-client nice. That is it would
 > post messages to your console directly, a bit like the new mail note but
 > they'd be channel messages. YOu could also give IRC commands and respond by
 > typing, say: my comment or say: /whois saarni and so on. This way you could
 > IRC while working in the console without much hassle. Umm, There might be
 > some more elegant solutions such as automated foreground task switching when
 > new messages arrive, or simply opening up several consoles. Still, that
 > deamon mode would be, well, at least interesting. I asked my Linux friend
 > about it but he hadn't seen any such client.
neither have I actually.
although I think it's possible to write one, I personally would have
having so much extra traffic going over my text-console.
It's hard enough to follow busy irc-hcannels let alone working in between
the lines.
Furthermore, your newmail notice only appairs when you finish a command
and not direclty when new mail arrives.

Best solution would be opening a second console-login or use screen.

 > Thats a good point you have in there. I bet we'll be seeing quite a bit of
 > development in the future. after all Gnopernicus already communicates with
 > Brltty unless I'm much mistaken. Is the newness of the product the reason
 > why some distroes don't include Gnopernicus even though it's part of Gnome?
 > Namely the free Mandrake 9.2 CDs lack some essential binary RPMs required by
 > Gnopernicus.
Debian does include gnopernicus and it should indeed talk with brltty.
Haven't got time enough to get it working yet under debian.
I tried once under the Gentoo-distro which failed.

 > That's good to hear. Now the troble is, are these Brlty Voyager binaries I
 > found new enough? The URL is:
don't know, you really need to have version 3.5 at least.
I'm still running with kernel-module cause I included it for my kernel.

 > <http://www.brlspeak.net>
 > It does not tell the version on the site at all, and those packages only
 > contain the raw binaries with no accompanying readme files.
better compile one yourself I think.

 > I'll be trying out that serial install method very soon having just burned
 > the first of the Woody CDs. I've already tested that the serial connection
 > does work between the machinse using Hyperterminal. before I go on any
 > further, I'd like to know if I need to alter these Hyperterminal defaults on
 > the Windows side?
well it is possible to do the install directly from the access-floppies or
a netboot-mini.iso.
However, if you only have a braille-voyager, version 3.5 of brltty needs
to be available under debian.
Not sure it is.

 > I suppose most things are all right. The once that do worry me are bps
 > (which is liekly 9600 by default on Linux), flow control and terminal type.
 > In particular, should the type be VT100 or TTY? After all, Linux terminals
 > are called tty as in ttys0 and brltty so I'm a bit confused again.
well I think tv100 would to nicely
speed is 38400 defualt mostly.

 > Ah, this is it. I already checked it's the first com port. IT's funny now
 > that serial ports are  considered legacy devices, this laptop came with a
 > special USB-based serial port adapter that appears to work fine. Now, I'd
 > say that's really merging new and old technology.
yeah I noticed that too, irritating thatis sometimes.


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