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Re: cdebconf - backup support in text frontend

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 10:44:43AM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> I would like to finish it tonight, my TODO currently contains:
>   - When displaying select and multiselect questions, text height must
>     be computed to not display more than a screen.

which is a little bit a problem if the screen size is not available.

>   - Replace fgets() calls by fgetc() so that Enter key does not have to
>     be pressed.
>   - Error templates must be highlighted (no idea how yet).

Something with !.

> If you have time, please test it and let me know if you find bugs or
> think about other enhancements.

| Loading components of the Debian installer  ..1%..2%..3%..4%..5%..6%..7%..8%..9%
| ..10%..11%..12%..13%..14%..15%..16%..17%..18%..19%..20%..21%..22%..23%..25%..26%
| ..27%..28%..29%..30%..31%..32%..33%..34%..35%..36%..37%..38%..39%..40%..41%..42%
| ..43%..44%..45%..46%..47%..48%..50%..51%..52%..53%..54%..55%..56%..57%..58%..59%
| ..60%..61%..62%..63%..64%..65%..66%..67%..68%..69%..70%..71%..72%..73%..75%..76%
| ..77%..78%..79%..80%..81%..82%..83%..84%..85%..86%..87%..88%..89%..90%..91%..92%
| ..93%..94%..95%..96%..97%..98%..100%

It may be better to only write the value after 10 or 20%.


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