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Re: cdebconf - backup support in text frontend

[Cc debian-a11y since the text frontend is also used by access images]

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 10:11:21AM +0100, Bastian Blank wrote:
> hi folks
> anyone knows how much work is necessary to finish the backup support in
> the text frontend?

It has not started, but it can be finished very fast when specifications
are written.  There are several problems with this frontend:
  * As you wrote in another message, progress bars are unreadable on
    dumb terminals.  Maybe replacing \r by \n is enough?
    Are scrollbars also harmful with braille devices, and should the
    same solution be implemented?  As serial consoles and braille
    devices are currently the only users of this frontend, it would be
    really nice if a single solution would work for both situations.
  * Backup must be supported.  A simple solution is be to select a
    character which is not used alone, say '!' or '<'.  This character
    (after Enter is pressed) will tell cdebconf to go back.  A more
    sexy solution is to capture key events, e.g. Escape, but it
    certainly requires more work.
  * Current navigation is quite unfriendly.  It would be nice if '?'
    displays a contextual menu with key bindings.
  * Anything more?


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