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Re: New Debian-Installer Floppies with BRLTTY

Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> writes:

> today I try to install my new Debian sarge with the two floppies you
> mentionned below. for your info I test that with an Handytec BrailleTop
> and it works well for BRLTTY.

So the passing of the boot option and the initialisation of the display
worked for you?

> But I don't succeed to install the whole system. I tried to start by
> differents steps and the result is always the same : at one moment I
> can't go to the following steps : One time I configured the network
> but after that it couldn't load installer modules; Another time I
> began with the module installer step but after configuring the
> network and download the installer modules it loops on the cdrom
> detection and impossible to go back !

This does not sound right.  AFAIK, I did not include CDROM detection
support on the disks you downloaded yet.  Also, when I tried
the install, it basically ran through, without presenting me the main-menu
at all.  It could probably help if you could describe
what happened during the install a little more detailed.

> another time it looped on the partitionning step.

What do you mean by "looped"?

> can I find a documentation explaining a little
> how to proceed ? perhaps on cvs but can you give me an url to
> checkout this doc if it exists ?

The debian-installer directory on cvs.debian.org has a doc

> Or can you advice me about the best chronology to adopt ?  Another
> question : I said previously one time I looped on the partitionning
> step but it proposed only an automatic partitionning method. does it
> exist a manual method or is that not implemented yet ?

After you installed installer modules, you should have
a standard fdisk.  At least I got that when I tried those

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