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Re: New Debian-Installer Floppies with BRLTTY

Hi Mario & all,

today I try to install my new Debian sarge with the two floppies you
mentionned below. for your info I test that with an Handytec BrailleTop
and it works well for BRLTTY. But I don't succeed to install the whole
system. I tried to start by differents steps and the result is always
the same : at one moment I can't go to the following steps : One time I
configured the network but after that it couldn't load installer
modules; Another time I began with the module installer step but after
configuring the network and download the installer modules it loops on
the cdrom detection and impossible to go back ! another time it looped
on the partitionning step. so what is the best appproach to adopt to
perform the install with the new installer ? can I find a documentation
explaining a little how to proceed ? perhaps on cvs but can you give me
an url to checkout this doc if it exists ? Or can you advice me about
the best chronology to adopt ? 
Another question : I said previously one time I looped on the
partitionning step but it proposed only an automatic partitionning
method. does it exist a manual method or is that not implemented yet ?
In fact my hard disk is already partitionned so I don't want to
partition it automatically :-)
So, I think a little documentation will help me !
Thx in advance,

Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:

> Hi people.
> I've built a new floppy set based on the new Debian-Installer
> for Sarge with BRLTTY included.  I've just installed a fresh
> new system with them, so they appear to work.  If you have some spare
> machine to test this on, I'd appreciate your comments.
> You can find the image files at:
> http://people.debian.org/~mlang/install/
> bootfloppy-image.img is the first floppy required for booting.
> access-image.img is the second floppy required.
> How To:
> You need to pass a kernel option to lilo when the first floppy 
> (bootfloppy) boots, to tell brltty what display you  have, and where it
> is connected.
> I've tested with a Vario here, so I passed the following options:
> boot: linux brltty=va,tts/1,de
> This would load brltty with the Vario (va) driver, try
> to initialize the display at /dev/tts/1 (COM2), and use
> a german translation table.
> After the initial (bootfloppy) has finished loading, it
> waits for a second floppy (or an USB storage device) to.
> Just swap floppies, and wait for the second floppy to load.  During the
> loading of the second floppy, BRLTTY should initialize your display and you
> should be able to read all the screen content.
> Please let me know if anything is unclear, or if something didn't work
> proerply.
> However, note that the Debian-Installer is still in development,
> so there might be some little issues.
> -- 
> CYa,
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