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New Debian-Installer Floppies with BRLTTY

Hi people.

I've built a new floppy set based on the new Debian-Installer
for Sarge with BRLTTY included.  I've just installed a fresh
new system with them, so they appear to work.  If you have some spare
machine to test this on, I'd appreciate your comments.

You can find the image files at:

bootfloppy-image.img is the first floppy required for booting.
access-image.img is the second floppy required.

How To:
You need to pass a kernel option to lilo when the first floppy 
(bootfloppy) boots, to tell brltty what display you  have, and where it
is connected.
I've tested with a Vario here, so I passed the following options:
boot: linux brltty=va,tts/1,de

This would load brltty with the Vario (va) driver, try
to initialize the display at /dev/tts/1 (COM2), and use
a german translation table.

After the initial (bootfloppy) has finished loading, it
waits for a second floppy (or an USB storage device) to.
Just swap floppies, and wait for the second floppy to load.  During the
loading of the second floppy, BRLTTY should initialize your display and you
should be able to read all the screen content.

Please let me know if anything is unclear, or if something didn't work

However, note that the Debian-Installer is still in development,
so there might be some little issues.

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