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Re: Gnopernicus Status Update

Kenny Hitt <kenny@hittsjunk.net> writes:

> Hi.  What speech servers will be in the Debian gnome-speech package?

This is an as yet unsolved license problem.  Currently, gnome-speech
comes with support for Festival, and that is it.
We can not include support for FreeTTS or DecTalk(R) currently.
gnome-speech needs FreeTTS at build-time.  Unfortunately, FreeTTS
requires a JDK version which is not available in the Debian main distribution.
For speech synths like DecTalk Software(R), it is even more complicated,
since the required components at build-time are only available to
someone who bought the DecTalk Software RTK.

My current plan about this is to offer some way for users to
compile individual gnome-speech backends after they have installed
libgnome-speech.  This would make it possible for those of you
who use non-free components to get them supported without having to
compile the whole gnome-speech system from scratch.
However, I have not managed to allocate enough time for this task yet, and I
am unsure if it will happen before Sarge.  Of course, if anyone
got some patches to move this issue forward, I am happy to merge them.

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