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Re: Problem when trying to install gnopernicus package

Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> writes:

>> > So my question : what can I do to solve this issue ?
>> I'm a bit puzzled why you do not have libgnome-mag1.  What is the
>> deb line in /etc/apt/sources.list you are using?
> I tried to understand a little mor what is appening and saw that the
> problem was in my /etc/apt/apt.conf file. In this file the testing
> release is the release indicated as the default release. So, i
> understand now why it prefers to install libgnome-mag1 0.9; 
> But my problem is now that I don't know which packages belong to testing
> and which packages belong to unstable in my installed distro. I never
> completely understand how to proceed with apt.conf,

If you do not understand this, dont mix distributions!

Thats all I'll gonna answer here.  Get your system to just use sid, and
be done with it.

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