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Re: LinkedIn group

On 30/09/2020 19:14, jathan wrote:
> On 29/09/2020 10:37, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Just wondered if it would be worth setting up a LinkedIn group for the
>> Debian Academy? Asking as it is a good way for us to network plus also
>> we can endorse each others skills etc.
>> I don't mind doing this.
>> Regards
>> Paul Sutton
> Hi Paul,
> I do not consider necessary to create a LinkedIn account for Debian
> Academy. If you want to help spreading the word and inviting to more
> people over the Internet to participate with us, I think it could be a
> good idea if you organise with our Debian Publicity Team to publish
> updates or announcements about Debian Academy. Also you could create an
> account for Debian Academy on some Free Social Network services like
> Mastodon at the FOSSTODON instance, due here there are a lot of Free
> Software users and possible interested people around Debian and Debian
> Academy,
> Regards
> Jathan

Hi Jathan

Thanks for this, just worth asking,  will keep promoting what we are
doing and look in to making a fosstodon account.

Hopefully I can get in to the Debian group on LinkedIn anyway,



Paul Sutton, Cert ContSci (Open)
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