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Wiki Page


Just chatting to David B ( kc4zvw ) on IRC he has suggested the wiki
should make some info easier to find

join maillist
find irc channel
what is sandstorm
what/where is the moodle

To this end, perhaps we need a get started page with the following on.

How to join the Mailing list

You can send a message to the list, without subscribing by sending an
e-mail to


You can subscribe by entering your e-mail address in to the forum here


How to find the IRC channel

#debian-academy is hosted on the oftc irc network, you can join via a
web interface by going to


entering a nickname and #debian-academy in to the form on the top right,
then click 'chat!'

Sandstorm is a collaborative text pad, so people can gather ideas etc in
one place

https://deb.li/3izfd is a short link to the page where we are gathering


the moodle instance can be found at


you can login with your gitlab credentials

For completeness perhaps add the following.

Gitlab a platform for collaborating on software projects, you can use it
in a similar way to github, and push, pull, fork source code etc in the
same way.

Happy to do this if it helps


Paul Sutton, Cert ContSci (Open)
gnupg : 7D6DB682F3518D0818931E16F0865537D066302D


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