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Re: Building my own Debian m68k NETINST ISO from Debian Installer kernel and initrd

Hello Carlos!

On 1/8/22 01:31, Carlos Milán Figueredo wrote:
> Sadly, there is no mention to the keyring package in [1] nor the signing
> process. The documentation is missing several points. First, the sample
> config files to download at [2] do not include Unreleased repo, so I
> figured out that I had to add a new entry in the reprepro's distributions file:

The repository is already signed. You just need to get the repo from the remote
server onto your local hard disk, including the signed Release and Packages files.

There is no need to create your own Release file or sign it, so I'm not sure what
you are trying to achieve. You could also use rsync for clowning the mirror but
then you would have to exclude the other architectures.


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