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Re: Kernel does not boot on TT030

Hi Andreas,

Am 07.04.2019 um 05:58 schrieb Andreas Schwab:
On Apr 06 2019, Eero Tamminen <oak@helsinkinet.fi> wrote:

"initcall_debug" doesn't give any output, but I've enabled the dummy
IRQ handler [1] and get constant warnings from it.  There's quite
a lot of them in few seconds:
$ grep unexpected tt-boot.log | sort | uniq -c
   1200 unexpected interrupt from 104
    212 unexpected interrupt from 112

Any idea what those interrupts are for?

These are the HSYNC and VSYNC interrupts.  The HSYNC irq should be
masked by tt_scu.sys_mask, the VSYNC irq is used for the cursor, but I
can't find where it is set up right now.


                        error = request_irq(IRQ_AUTO_4, falcon_vbl_switcher, 0,

Only used for Falcon though.

Cursor used to be handled by drivers/video/fbcon.c before that got refactored - Geert ought to know where the console cursor handling now lives.




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