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Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-09


I just uploaded updated installation images for the following
Debian Ports architectures:

 * alpha
 * hppa
 * ia64
 * m68k
 * powerpc
 * ppc64
 * sh4
 * sparc64

I uploaded both CD images [1] as well as netboot images [2].

Please test those images and report back over the mailing list for
the corresponding architecture.

Known issues:

 * alpha
   - No known issues
 * hppa
   - No known issues
 * ia64
   - The kernel might be unstable during install
     (try passing "hardened_usercopy=off" at the boot prompt,
      e.g. "install hardened_usercopy=off"
   - The debootstrap process might fail due to a missing vim
     package (this should be fixed with the next CD release)
 * m68k
   - The drivers for IDE hardware may have to be loaded manually, e.g.:
     + modprobe pata_gayle
     + modprobe pata_falcon
   - There is no automatic installation of the bootloader yet,
     users have to boot the kernel and initrd manually after
 * powerpc/ppc64
   - The bootloader installation still defaults to Yaboot and
     is being switched to GRUB for IBM POWER and PowerMacs,
     please report any issues you find.
 * sh4
   - There is no CD image, installation has to be performed
     using the debian-installer images.
   - Currently supported targets are Renesas SH-7785LCR and
     SH-7751R, the latter should be identical to qemu-sh4.
   - debian-installer for sh4 is completely untested, please
     test with QEMU and report back. 
 * sparc64
   - Installation over a serial console is currently broken
     on sparc64 due to a bug in the rootskel package
     (can also be considered a kernel bug), see: #926539.
     Use any image before 2019-04-06 as workaround.


When reporting issues or bugs, please include the syslog
from your installation in the bug report/mail. The log
file can be access when switching to another console using
<Alt>+<Cursor> for normal installations or <Ctrl>+<a>+<n>
when installing over a serial console.


> [1] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/2019-04-09/
> [2] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/debian-installer/

 .''`.  John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
: :' :  Debian Developer - glaubitz@debian.org
`. `'   Freie Universitaet Berlin - glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de
  `-    GPG: 62FF 8A75 84E0 2956 9546  0006 7426 3B37 F5B5 F913

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