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Re: Kernel does not boot on TT030

On Apr 06 2019, Eero Tamminen <oak@helsinkinet.fi> wrote:

> "initcall_debug" doesn't give any output, but I've enabled the dummy
> IRQ handler [1] and get constant warnings from it.  There's quite
> a lot of them in few seconds:
> ----------------------------------------------
> $ grep unexpected tt-boot.log | sort | uniq -c
>    1200 unexpected interrupt from 104
>     212 unexpected interrupt from 112
> ----------------------------------------------
> Any idea what those interrupts are for?

These are the HSYNC and VSYNC interrupts.  The HSYNC irq should be
masked by tt_scu.sys_mask, the VSYNC irq is used for the cursor, but I
can't find where it is set up right now.


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