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Re: [parted-devel] Atari label false positives

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 06:10:37PM +0200, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> According to the documentation, p.43 [1], I think offset $01 should always
> contain either "GEM", "BGM" or "XGM". They don't seem to be optional.

The Atari partitioning tables are also used on the Q40/Q60 which breaks
many some assumptions.. no GEM here but instead one of two Q40 specific
types such as "QWA" or "QBD" in the first slot.
BTW I have never seen a low-case or camel-case string in this place,
this should be also used.

> I guess adding those to atari_probe() should help improve the detection
> quite a bit. But I would have to test that first.

It would, however I am not sure what happens if a hard disk is 
repurposed from Atari to PC or the other way around partitioning.
There may be some strings or other data left which could be 

> >I think I will at least move atari to be probed after all other labels
> >have failed.

in principle both should be probed, prompting user action if both
find something. They could also return a "score" - based on number of 
partitions recognised, their sizes and other info to give a hint which 
one is likely a non-random hit.


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