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Re: Atari label false positives

Hi Phil!

On 05/11/2018 04:18 PM, Phil Susi wrote:
It seems that the atari label likes to falsely recognize dos labels as
atari.  Looking at atari_probe, it doesn't seem like this is very hard
to do.  All that it needs is one word for the size of the disk to be
less than the physical size of the disk, two bsl words to be zero or
less than the disk size, the partition start and length words to fit
within the disk, and 3 bytes to appear to be ascii characters.  Is there
any way that this can be beefed up at all?

Thanks for digging this up. I wasn't aware of this particular issue before
and I agree, this needs to be addressed. I hope that I didn't cause too
many DOS partitions to be misdetected. Sorry for the inconvenience if I
did. The Atari partition table code has been working great for Debian/m68k so
far though.

For instance, the name field.. is it really free form ascii or is there
a specific set of strings that could be limited to?  Also this XGM and
ICD parts; are they completely optional, so we can't require one of
those be detected too?

I don't know by heart, but chapter 9 in this Atari filesystem reference
might help us:


I have also CC'ed the Linux/m68k and Debian/m68k mailing lists in case some of the
guys there knows the answer faster.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. I will look into
how we can improve atari_probe().


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