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Re: moving affs + RDB partition support to staging?


On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 2:27 AM, Eero Tamminen <oak@helsinkinet.fi> wrote:
>>> So, it should be made read-only FS, until the problems are
>>> fixed (and there's linux-native FS consistency checker)?
>> No, it shouldn’t.
>>> Read-only mode should be enough for the data rescue purposes
>>> mentioned in the list.
> I meant read-only by default...

Could be done, yes. (While fixing the races Al reported..)

>> Again, it works fine for our usecases in Debian m68k,
>> so please don’t mutilate its functionality.
> Based on above comments, that's only by luck.  I'd assume
> disks still having AFFS on them to be fairly old and therefore
> rather likely to get IO errors.  Moving new files on the disk
> is likely to involve file renames for the old ones.

Not sure about the age of the disks - where the Linux fs is on the
same disk as the affs one, I would expect IO errors to show there
first and resulting in disk replacement.

The typical use case Adrian mentioned (shifting kernel image and
ramdisk to affs) involves no rename.



>         - Eero

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