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Re: Debian on mac68k

On 3/29/16 12:52 PM, Mac User wrote:
> The IIfx boots all the way to a login screen using my Debian 3.1
> installation.  Unfortunately, the ADB keyboard doesn't work -- possibly
> a keymap problem, or maybe something getting set incorrectly in the
> Debian 3.1 rc scripts.  I'll try installing a later version from Debian
> unstable.
> -Stan

Update: The ADB keyboard works on my IIfx with Finn's 4.1.20 kernel and
a Debian 3.1 installation if the following rc scripts are disabled (for
example by changing the leading "S" to "s"):

I still plan to install something later than 3.1 from Debian unstable.

I noticed the system thinks it's Feb 29 instead of Mar 29, but once
Ethernet is working with my Asante 10/100 card I should be able to set
the date using ntpdate.

On a side note, I'm now running one of the latest Linux kernels (4.1.20)
on one of my oldest systems (IIfx).  Thanks, Finn!


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