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Re: Debian on mac68k

Hello Adrian,

On 2/20/16 11:02 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> In order to install a current release of Debian onto your m68k Mac,
> you currently have to use a tool called debootstrap. Or you just
> extract a basesystem that I created last year onto your Mac's
> harddrive:
>> https://people.debian.org/~glaubitz/chroots/
> To do that, you should remove the drive from the Mac and hook it
> up to a PC. Then you just format the root partition which currently
> has Debian Sarge on it (backup your data first) and then just extract
> the tarball directly onto this partition. Then just add the kernel
> and the initrd to your Mac Linux loader and you're set.

A PC? What's that? Just kidding.

I loaded the tarball to my main Linux partitions on an LC III after
booting into a rescue partition. I didn't see any modules in the
link you posted, but I can create those later. Is the 3.16.2 config
file for a generic 3.16.2 kernel, or are there patches to apply?

Unfortunately, the 3.16.2 kernel didn't boot on my 36 MB LC III;
I'm using Penguin 19 for the booter; it's configured to take up
almost all the RAM. I tried with and without the initrd.

> There will be regular Debian m68k installer images in the future, so
> installation will be easy again. But I haven't yet found the time
> to work on that, but it is coming.

That's great; thanks!


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