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Re: Linux/m68k config again

Michael Schmitz dixit:

> I see - in that case, debian/config/m68k/config needs to be patched to include
> the option defaulting to y.

Right, but only if “default y” in Kconfig is not possible.

We can do that, but if it changes the ABI we’ll have to wait a bit.

I’ll go forward and request this from the Debian Linux kernel
maintainers, assuming “default y” will not be added and the
presence of this option does not change the ABI.

If there are any other options whose values need changing,
please tell me explicitly (although Geert said he’d look
the values over, and I sent the current Debian configs, so
I suspect that would be where it’d come from).

Please do try to keep the number of changesets small, i.e.
bundle config change request to the Debian Linux maintainers.

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