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Re: Linux/m68k config again

On Sun, 5 Jan 2014, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> s/defconfig/config.mac/ (or whatever config is pulled in by the Debian 
> kernel build procedure). I see no harm in enabling this in the template 
> config, as bugs with multiarch kernels have been fixed now?

The bugs were discussed already.

One was exposed by disabling EARLY_PRINTK (since fixed by Geert but 
disabling EARLY_PRINTK is moot anyway), another was mistakenly thought to 
be a multiarch kernel bug but was actually an '030 issue (the confusion 
was caused by EARLY_PRINTK being disabled; again, moot).

There was another bug (mac only) which was caused by enabling EARLY_PRINTK 
but this was fixed both in -stable and in 3.10 (i.e. before EARLY_PRINTK 
got disabled by default, so again it's moot).

Anyway, my repeating this stuff is just wasting bandwidth. Those who can 
fix Debian kernel issues know how to do so by now. Likewise those of us 
who use small, upstream, single-platform kernels. I'm done.


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