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Re: Linux/m68k config again


Am 05.01.2014 um 14:51 schrieb Thorsten Glaser:

Michael Schmitz dixit:

$ egrep 'PMACZILOG|EARLY_PRINTK' boot/config-3.11-2-m68k

Kconfig option, the above is directly set in defconfig)

Eh no, defconfig was not involved in generating that file.
See <Pine.BSM.4.64L.1312282243280.20525@herc.mirbsd.org>.

s/defconfig/config.mac/ (or whatever config is pulled in by the Debian kernel build procedure). I see no harm in enabling this in the template config, as bugs with multiarch kernels have been fixed now?

IMHO, “default y” should not be frowned upon; the default
should be sensible for most users, and people can always
build their own kernels if they need to squeeze bytes out,
but the default, while being a bit larger, should contain
most everything needed. But it’s not my place to decide
on Linux kernel policies.

I can only assume default y has ben superseded by another strategy, and is being phased out.



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