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Re: [m68k] linux 3.10.1 with initrd

On Sat, 2013-07-20 at 17:59 +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Ben Hutchings dixit:
> >For myself, I don't much care if non-release architectures have weird
> >configurations.
> Right, but it’s still better if every Debian architecture
> “feels” similar enough. I’m very much *not* knowledgeable
> about Linux kernels other than 2.0.3x ;-) so I’d appreciate
> feedback nevertheless, to keep the “feel” harmonised.

So you should minimise the per-architecture and per-flavour

> >But the configurations will still need to be written as
> >a list of overriding definitions, not a complete generated .config.
> Yes, but how to do that? The file you referenced only says
> in which order they’re concatenated, but I’ve got no idea
> what overrides what, etc.

The default order of precedence, ignoring featuresets, is:

debian/config/$deb_arch/config.$flavour    [highest]
debian/config/config                       [lowest]

Additional files can be included if there's a need to share overrides on
a different level, e.g. debian/config/armel/config-reduced

> Did nobody script that yet? I can’t believe that.

Script what?

> (Anyway, it’ll still be a while until I have something
> I can submit, so no need to hurry. But I’d like to be
> steered back into the correct direction should I stray.)


Ben Hutchings
Humans are not rational beings; they are rationalising beings.

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