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Re: Memory upgrades for Zorro3 Amiga buildds

On 27/06/13 17:19, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
On 24-06-13 05:59, Finn Thain wrote:

On Sun, 23 Jun 2013, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

as you might know our buildds are little scarce on memory which means
that the OOM can easily kick in and make the machine behave

What happened to the buildd called jazz (mac quadra 950)? That logic board
will accept up to 256 MB (16 x 16 MB SIMMs).

It's at my office, not powered on, along with a bunch of other macs.

This might change, but I don't have a place to run them anymore. We
moved office last year before the move I had a separate room where they
could be placed, but I don't have that anymore today. Personally, I
can't work in an environment where multiple fans are running all the time...

A Quadra650 is capable of 1GB ram (if anyone ever makes the chips, they needed a paging strobe/pin layout different to all previous ram simm's). 605 have the same memory manager but only one slot.

However I have gotten one to 192Mb with 2*128mb (each presenting as 64mb) and 2*32Mb. I didn't buy 4*128 simms so couldn't try for 256mb.


I takes about 3minutes to do the initial memory test when you change simm.

I also have the PDFs/datasheets to work out what memory pin-outs you would need to make said mythical simms.
Michael Tomkins
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