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Memory upgrades for Zorro3 Amiga buildds


as you might know our buildds are little scarce on memory which
means that the OOM can easily kick in and make the machine behave

Since the turbo boards used in our Amigas cannot be usually upgraded
to more than 128MB, we can't usually get more memory than that.
However, there is one possibility which is the BigRAMPlus card
with 256 MB FastRAM made by Individual Computers.

The board costs just 99 Euros and is guaranteed to work in all
original Amiga Zorro-III boards, it might cause trouble in third
party bus board like the Mikronik board elgar is using.

For that matter, I have been in contact with Jens Schoenfeld
(the guy who designed the hardware) and he offered me to sell
us the boards directly, delivering the first one with an extended
money back guarantee. Thus, one of us buys one board and we can
extensively test it in all of the buildds (shipping it around
to the various buildd locations).

If the RAM card turns out to be useful, we can order one for
every Amiga where it works, otherwise we can just send it
back and get our money back.

What do you guys think?

Btw: I think the OOM just kicked in on elgar and killed sshd,
but I can't check that now as I am at home and the serial console
isn't working either. Will fix him tomorrow.



> [1] http://www.vesalia.de/e_bigramplus.htm

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