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Re: jemalloc (was Re: Log for attempted build of varnish_3.0.3-1 on m68k (dist=unstable))


On tiistai 18 kesäkuu 2013, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> In case there’s more boredom:
> jemalloc is used by several projects and needs porting,
> as it’s apparently architecture-dependent crap… I can’t
> imagin why, for a malloc, but… so it is.

Jemalloc helps with performance when you have multiple CPUs, but
AFAIK all m68k/coldfire CPUs are single core.  On singlecore machine
with less memory, jemalloc is more likely to reduce performance.

If projects use just the normal libc API from jemalloc:

One possibility would be to replace jemalloc package with just
a header that directs the calls to libc (i.e. on m68k packages
could depend on "jemalloc-dummy" instead).

> And submitting that port to jemalloc upstream, plus ask
> all of its downstreams to merge that, so that Debian’ll
> have it eventually… (probably the more time-intensive
> part).
> I’ll n-f-u varnish for now.

	- Eero

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