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Re: Second virtual buildd for m68k

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz dixit:

> I'm pretty sure that you probably get more power on Intel CPUs. We
> have even faster CPUs at the department. Core i7 something over
> 1000 Euros per CPU :).

Well I don’t, I get much, significantly much, less.

ARAnyM, or full-system emulation in general, has very specific
workloads that can only be helped with two things:
• crank up the MHz (of the CPU, RAM, system bus, I/O, etc.)
• use less cycles per instruction, including conditional jumps

Most CPU manufactures do these things instead:
• parallelise (including hyperthreading)
• use less cycles per instruction, penalising conditional jumps
• use deeper pipelines
• do some sort of power management

All of these *hurt* the performance of full-system emulation.

Not scientifically proven, just a rule of thumb from my own
understanding of the problem. May contain nuts. May be wrong
in parts. But should be right in general.

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