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Re: Second virtual buildd for m68k

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz dixit:

> next to elgar :). It has 8GB of memory and a 3.10 GHz quad core
> Xeon CPU.

Check it’s not HT, and check the BogoMIPS. As I said, I got *double*
speed per host GHz on an AMD X4.

> Would it be possible to set up another aranym build there? Would
> anyone be willing to help me? We could even set up more machines

Probably, but I’m *really* short on hacking time in general, and
I’ll probably only keep building packages and not doing anything
else m68k related for the foreseeable future.

> by simply clowning the VMs if that's possible. We have tons of

Please do not clone them; stuff like popcon host id, ssh keys,
etc. should differ ;-)

But the setup is probably scriptable somewhat (diminished by the
requirement that d-ports buildds run unstable, since there’s no
other distribution there).

Actually, I may have a chance to run ARAnyM on an AMD X4 again,
since I’ll be preparing one of these as VM hosts for a project
group, and they won’t be using all of its resources (but can’t
make the machine publicly accessible); 3.4 GHz even, that’s more
than I previously had. But… time to set it up…

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