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Re: Graphics on Atari?


> >Years ago, I tried both NetBSD and Linux/m68k but I couldn't get farther
> >than a simple command line, i.e. no X. I was always curious if it would be
> I tried the X server from potato or something like that, and while
> I could get it to install, I didn’t have a Modeline to use, so that
> didn’t work. That x.org thingy uses an fbdev driver which doesn’t,
> according to the porters, support the planes in the framebuffer for
> the various Atari resolutions. (And I tried tham all.)

The modeline should be possible to reconstruct from old mailing list
archives or FAQs - did you have a look there? 

I remember using a X config flag 'UseFBDev' also. 
> Thomas Goirand suggested there was one linear framebuffer mode on
> the Atari, but I couldn’t find that in the kernel (atafb).
> So, pretty much, no X at the moment, although you can certainly
> write to the framebuffer…
> That being said, XFree86® 4.x is *much* larger than 3.x, and
> with Unicode, also fonts getting bigger, I’d suggest running
> X with no less than 128 MiB RAM, absolutely no less than 64.

XFree is of little use unless someone adds back support for the Atari bit
plane format. XFree used to be a dog to build, let alone understand the code
structure. It was also slow to run (at least on 68030). Something very
lightweight yet supporting core X protocols would be ideal. 


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