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Re: kullervo


On perjantai 25 tammikuu 2013, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Eero Tamminen dixit:
> >My subjective impression is that Thomas' image is 10x slower at
> >booting and logging in, than the old Sarge image for Aranym:
> Eh well, don’t compare it with something from the last century ;)
> My baseline is the etch-m68k+unstable from ~2009 what was on
> the ARAnyM image from Stephen Marenka where I started off.
> Also, you do have to admit that the modern images do more…

It's also possible that the linked Sarge image & kernel had some
Aranym NativeFeatures enabled that were not in your kernel.

> I could’ve have thrown out udev, sure, just setting three links
> in /etc/rc.local on top of devtmpfs works well (and in fact,
> I’ve run all machines like that for years), but I specifically
> made these recent image and tarball to be stock Debian, whose
> defaults are a bit more universal.
> Finally, I think boot times are less important than responsiveness.
> Granted, sarge probably has us there, but…

Sure, the main thing where it was annoyingly slower, was logging in
(as root).  That hopefully doesn't run udev. ;-)

I didn't check what differences there are in the scripts that
are executed when user session is started.  I might do it later,
if I still do tests with these images.

> I found kde-plasma-desktop
> usable. I’m not a fan of KDE 4. Sure, that was on a VM with 188
> BogoMIPS and via tightvncserver (due to lack of X), but still,
> that’s impressive. I’d still rather use icewm or evilwm myself,
> though not just for the speed bonus, but it was *usable*.

	- Eero

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