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Re: kullervo

Am 25.01.2013 um 14:27 schrieb "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org>:

> So the buildd can build hello in the chroot and it is happily creating and
> destroying snapshots. That seems to be much easier than before, I do not
> need to setup symlinks to the chroots anymore. And I do not need a separate
> user chroot, since every sbuild gets a new snapshot? Thats nice!

Well, yes, but I think I would still prefer separate chroots for buildd and users. But that's as easy as create a new LV and copy it. ;)

> buildd-watcher already started before I had a buildd home directory and
> config, so now I just have to register kullervo with debian-ports to get my
> wanna-build config and figure out how to get email to it?  I used to upload
> packages to a local machine only, which would then forward them to the real
> upload queue.  I hope this is still possible, and also the mail forwarding,
> since I can not receive mail directly on those machines (unless this works
> via IPv6, but no, since my DSL got "upgraded" I do not have that anymore
> either...).

Well, it would be easier in the long run to configure a working mail setup, because of the autosigning of successful builds. 
If needed I can setup a mail account for kullervo on buildd.net that you can use as a smarthost. If needed we can setup a VPN or IP tunnel as well.... 

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